Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's deja vu all over again

A whopper this time. Three topics

In my last post, I described the frugality of my friend Margaret, noting that she bought 8 pork roasts because they were $1.19 per pound. 6 of them went into pulled pork sandwiches, the two remaining were secured in my freezer. A week later we cooked one of the roasts. Delicious!

Now, Margaret has attacked the shortage of zucchini bread in our area. Starting with a recipe that called for 4 cups of zucchini, she decided that there was enough for a double batch. The result was 6 full size loaves, and 3 minis. Margaret also fell in love with my immersion blender (aka boat motor, according to Emeril Legasse). See exhibit A to view a full LARGE bowl of batter.

Earlier this year, the only 2 goldfinches that I have seen were luckily captured in a photo. This week, a yellow flash went bye. Soon, a goldfinch was perched on the bird feeder. If only I could figure out why they visit so infrequently. See Exhibit B.

My dear sister recently lamented in her blog Communication Exchange about the failure of companies to back up promises regarding services that they provide. While I agree that this is a problem, I also just had a wonderful experience to the contrary.

My 2001 Civic needed new tires all around, so it was off to Walmart. The clerk asked what size was needed, and discovered that there were two models in stock that fit the bill. I selected one and was handed a printout and directed to the tire and lube area.

When I arrived, a courteous young man took the the paper and escorted me to the waiting area. He drove my car into the shop. As soon as it stopped, four employees descended on it like a swarm of locusts. They efficientrly (and cheerfully, it looked like) went about their business. Twenty minutes later, my car was back out front, freshly shod. If the outfits my sister dealt with performed similarly, she would be singing their praises, not cussing them out.


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

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Patricia Rockwell said...

You obviously have that special touch when it comes to handling clerks!