Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The ART of the ACE (it's a big DEAL)

Kenabeck has golfed for over 34 years with nary a hole in one to show for it. This sad state of affairs has recently been rectified.

On Aug 31, 2009, at approximately 11:07:23 CST, he aced the 8th hole at Saddleback Ridge Golf Course, Solon, Ia.

Mr Becker utilized a Callaway Diablo 7 wood from 185 yards distant to accomplish the feat. Witnesses to this momentous event were Mr. Dave Ochs and Mr Jim Varcho.

Mr. Becker deferred the time honored purchase of drinks until Wednesday, in order to facilitate participation by a throng of well wishers at Sports Fans in Bettendorf, Ia.

After consultation with the Professional Golfers of America, Mr. Becker has graciously declined to increase his instructional fees. Given that the previous rate was zero, students may expect to receive substantially improved guidance for a very modest tuition.

At no cost whatsoever to the golfing public, Mr. Becker has provided the following advice for holing out:

1. Misread the yardage
2. Select the wrong club
3. Strike the ball poorly, albeit with proper aim
4. Retrieve the ball from the hole.

Bonus Tip: Utilize a Titleist DT Roll ball, to compensate for striking the ball such that it never reaches an apex greater than 3 metres above terra firma.

The following plaque was crafted by Save the Moment to commemorate the deed:

Mr. Becker sympathizes with those of you golfers unfortunate enough never to have experienced the pleasure of an ace, and wishes all of you the best fortune in your future endeavors.