Saturday, January 16, 2010

White Chocolate Macadamia Biscotti and Battle of the OS's

Today we have a 2 part entry. Our 1st is a wonderful biscotti recipe I found on It's called Murietta's White Chocolate and Macadamia Biscotti. I halved it, because it calls for 4 cups of flour, and that's a lot, even for the KitehenAid. My only advice is to cool the logs for an hour or 2 prior to slicing, as they are quite soft, and tend to crumble. They don't last long.

Now for the heavyweight showdown you've been waiting for: Spaghetti OS vs. Ubuntu OS.

A couple days ago, my nephew Nick commented on Facebook that the creator of Spaghetti OS had passed on. As a former system administrator, this was disturbing, even though I had no experience with Spaghetti OS. I guessed you stuck electrodes into a plateful and somehow there was an organic/electrical phenomenon. Since I was already considering adding an OS to my PC, I decided to install Ubuntu OS, which Nick and his dad Pete both seemed favorably impressed with it. Success!!

I'll continue to update you on my doings with Ubuntu, and may even open a can of Spaghetti o's to celebrate.