Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Protein plentitude

Two interesting tidbits from the last two days.

My friend Margaret is hosting a party for her son's high graduation. She decided to serve pulled pork sandwiches to the guests. Margaret is a very frugal shopper, so when she heard that Schnuck's had pork roasts for $1.19 a pound, she cornered the market. See exhibit A.

I had an endoscopy today. By all accounts, my internals are at least in pretty good shape for a gentleman who recently passed the 6 decade marker. See exhibit B.

We Cornhuskers and thrilled and delighted to become members of the Big Ten Conference, and look forward to many spirited contests with our new neighbors.



Patricia Rockwell said...

You are very brave to post the results of your endoscopy on your blog! I did not have similar courage to post the results of my colonoscopy on my blog! You are obviously much gutsier than me!

Patricia Rockwell said...

Watching Iron Chef America last night--Battle Uni (that's sea urchins), I was reminded of the lovely photos of your endoscopy!