Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dreaded Thursday

Thursday is one of my regularly scheduled golf days. This year, out of 9 possible days, 3 have been rainouts. Last Thursday, we ATTEMPTED to play 18 holes to make up for one of the previous rainouts.

Group 1 teed off at noon as anticipated, with radar indicating only minor showers, which were supposed to breeze through quickly. At first, that is just what happened. HOWEVER, 15 minutes later we got about 2 inches of rain in 20 minutes. The first fairway looked like the Mississippi had suddenly altered its channel. In 20 + years of play on the course, it is by far the most water I have ever seen.

There is a small creek just forward of the first tee. Our intrepid pioneers had to wait about 30 minutes before the torrent had subsided sufficiently so they could cross the bridge and return to the clubhouse. Some of the others went down to cheer them across. The rest of us remained in the clubhouse and improved our lies. Business at the Circle Tap picked up early.

Next week, we are renaming Thursday Xyzday in hopes that the weather gods will give us a break.

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday at the Tap. Since it was # 59, I believe next year I'll just try to sneak past it, but I doubt if my loving sisters will go for that.